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Boating & Watercraft Accidents 

Bailey Law Office is proud to assist individuals with their water related accident claims. We have been avid boaters ourselves for many years (power and sail).  During and after law school, Todd worked for a law firm that specialized in water related accidents. 

Boating and water related accidents occur frequently within Michigan and the surrounding Great Lakes.  It is important to speak with an attorney that has experience in water related litigation because jurisdiction can play a large role in determining if you receive a settlement/judgement or simply having your case dismissed.

Some water related accidents can include:


Falls overboard


Carbon monoxide exposure



Water related accidents can occur for numerous reasons, including:

Alcohol or drugs

Improperly maintained equipment

Excessive speed

Defective equipment

Negligence on the part of the operator and/or crew

Owners of watercraft have a large obligation for the safety of their passengers.  To determine if you have a potential claim, please contact us for a free consultation.

If you are involved in a water related accident:

Please contact the Coast Guard or local police immediately. 

Contact us as soon as possible, we will investigate the accident scene if appropriate as soon as possible (including areas accessible by boat only).