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Family-Sponsored Immigration Law

Bailey Law Office is proud to assist individuals and families not just in Northern Michigan but throughout the United States and other countries through the practice of Immigration Law.  Drawing from years of experience in helping to unify family members to live together in the United States or assisting with the process of obtaining legal status for foreign nationals to remain in the United States with their family members, this firm is ready and able to evaluate your situation and provide family-sponsored immigration law services.


The following categories are among the options in which to petition for family members to come to or remain in the United States:

  • Fiance(e)s of United States Citizens
  • Legal Permanent Resident / "Green Card"
    • Immediate Relatives: Spouses (including same-sex marriages), Parents (child petitioner must be 21 years of age or older), and Unmarried Children of U.S. Citizens
    • First Preference: Unmarried Sons/Daughters (21 years of age or older) of U.S. Citizens
    • Second Preference: (A) Spouses and Children (under 21 years of age) of Permanent Residents and (B) Unmarried Sons/Daughters (21 years of age or older) of Permanent Residents
    • Third Preference: Married Sons and Daughters of U.S. Citizens
    • Fourth Preference: Brothers and Sisters of Adult U.S. Citizens

Naturalization / Citizenship

Bailey Law Office also stands ready and able to evaluate whether a legal permanent resident or other foreign national may be able to obtain U.S. Citizenship through the naturalization process.

Among the options for a foreign citizen to petition to become a U.S. Citizen are the following:

  • Birth in the United States or Certain Incorporated Territories
  • Children born outside the United States where one or both parents are United States Citizens
  • Adopted Children
  • Naturalization after certain period of time as a legal permanent resident
  • Naturalization for certain U.S. Veterans / Military Personnel

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The above categories are just a brief overview of the types of immigration law that Bailey Law Office practices.  We look forward to hearing from you to evaluate whether your immigration issue is something that our firm will be able to assist you with or, if not, we may be able to refer you to a reputable immigration attorney who has the expertise your situation requires.

The attorneys at Bailey Law Office advise individuals and families who are pursuing immigration benefits to consult with an experienced immigration attorney prior to filing any petitions or applications as immigration law is complicated and mistakes are often unforgiving or, at best, difficult to fix.