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Family Law

Bailey Law Office is proud to assist individuals and families with their Family Law concerns.

Bailey Law Office provides experienced family law representation in an emotionally supportive environment. If you are looking for a caring legal team to vigorously represent you in a divorce or child custody matter, we can help. Our goal is amicable resolution.  However, when litigation becomes necessary, Bailey Law Office is ready to step in and vigorously represent you. 

Depending on your needs, we may bring in experts and professionals from disciplines including psychology for psychological examinations and custodial evaluations and appraisers of real and personal property to develop a strong, effective case. A professional team with substantial experience in family  law will save you money and give you the peace of mind that your case is in good hands.

Negotiating parenting plans and property division agreements can be an intense process, and you will most likely want to engage in a continuing dialogue with your lawyer over a period of time. We offer high-quality, personal attention combined with timely and efficient online communications to help you deal with issues as they arise. We represent a broad range of family law clients who come from various backgrounds.

Facing issues such as divorce and child custody is traumatic enough. Working with a lawyer shouldn’t add to that stress. We practice in a relaxing office and offer convenient parking.

Contact us for more information about our team and how we can help with all of your divorce and family law concerns, including:

Divorce with or without children

Collaborative Divorce / Law

Child Custody

Parenting Time Schedules and Rights

Grandparenting Time

Child Support
Spousal Support (Alimony)
Property Division and Property Agreements
Prenuptial Agreements

Separate Maintenance

Step-Parent Adoption

Post-Divorce Will & Estate Planning

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The above categories are just a brief overview of the types of Family Law that Bailey Law Office practices.  We look forward to hearing from you to evaluate your Family Law concerns.