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Auto Accidents 

Bailey Law Office is proud to assist individuals with their automotive accident claims. Todd Bailey worked within Chevrolet Motor Division's product liability department prior to law school where he evaluated hundreds of automotive accidents for Chevrolet to determine product liability.  Todd is very familiar with accident scene investigation and received extensive training on the engineering of automobiles, and, in particular, anti lock brake systems, air bag deployment, and crush zones. 

We understand you need to deal with the trauma of being injured and to focus on healing, without outside interference and complications. We have spoken to many individuals that have dealt with the loss of a loved one or been the cause of the loss of a loved one.  Dealing with insurance companies is part of the reality that follows an accident. The goal of Bailey Law Office is to alleviate that burden – so you can concentrate on recovering physically and mentally. You can count on us to handle your case aggressively, while helping you heal.